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We're here to answer any questions, no matter how unique. If you don't see your question please leave us a message here.

  • What can I expect from my first Goals and Planning session?
    We will first meet, virtually to discuss goals, issues students strengths, weaknesses and anything else that's important to know. From there we will schedule additional time to create a plan and discuss expectations of our coaching relationship. My intention is to be as supportive as possible for your family and students, so we will work together to tailor a plan that suits your goals, visions and needs.
  • Is there a commitment to a certain number of sessions when working with Dr. Pressley?
    There is no commitment or set number of sessions - we'll design a coaching relationship and custom plan that works for you!
  • What is a school coach?
    A school coach is someone who is highly educated and well-versed in the school and academic system, who can help you navigate unique school issues and guide you on a path to success.
  • What is the process for working with Dr. Pressley?
    Dr. Pressley sets up an initial consultation with clients (typically with parents) to discuss their concerns and goals for their child's learning, and whether or not she can help with what they are experiencing. If a client relationship is established, she will propose next steps which can range from research and planning, to setting up schools meetings, and facilitating assessment of students. It's a very responsive and flexible relationship that's customized to the family and their experience.
  • Are there any issues or topics that The Root Collaborative cannot cover?
    Honestly, no. Dr. Pressley has 25+ years of experience in the education field and has nearly seen it all! This makes her a unique candidate to help solve your students issues. She's exceptionally knowledgable on how to solve complex problems, navigate school systems and work with all different kinds of students.
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