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The Coaching Process.

The Root Collaborative works together with families and students to create a customized plan for school success.

Let's build your path forward.


Schedule your discovery call with Dr. Pressley.

First meet and discuss goals, issues, student strengths, weaknesses, and talk through next steps in the coaching relationship.


Define a custom plan to fit your goals.

Create, review, and put a plan in action. This could be meeting with the school, student coaching, or parent coaching. I also offer Exceptional Children Services Coaching specifically navigating the process for IEPs or 504 plans (individualized education plans based on learning or medical diagnosis).


Goal monitoring and check-in's.

Regular progress monitoring and goal benchmarks - I work as liaison between schools and families to make sure our agreed plan is working and supported by the school.

Home Schooling

Coaching that's
tailored fully to you.

Our sessions can be fully or partially virtual.  This allows flexibility for families and schools, and it even works for kiddos who hate tech! 

Just need advice or direction on how to solve an issue? No problem. Short-terms sessions and plans are available to suit your needs, quickly.

Client communication via text. This also extends to teachers and schools specialists (per family permission). Also, I can receive emails to get updates on student’s progress, which informs all my client sessions.

Book your free discovery call today.

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