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We Know Schools

We know schools inside and out. We are teachers, counselors, coaches, school leaders and education professors who have worked in public, private, charter, small, medium, rural and urban schools. We know how schools work. We know what should be happening, when, and how. We know what mediocre, good and excellent look like. We draw on all these experience in our collaboration with families and students. 

We Know Students

We know students from every age and demographic. We know some find school easy, others struggle daily and some are ready to fly but are forced to keep pace with the middle. We know some go unnoticed and some are expected to be the perfect example and never make a mistake. We know that at the root every student wants to feel successful, find their path, and be proud of themselves.

We (get to) Know You

Every family, student and school experience is unique and so are your needs. That's why we value listening and building relationships.

We begin with a free initial session to learn about you, your goals and aspirations, and share how we can design a plan customized for you.

The Root 

Our mission is to collaborate with families, students, and schools to create an educational experience in which all students thrive. 


AT NPower

I worked with Dr. Heather Pressley at two different organizations. Dr. Pressley has a deep commitment to equity which can be shown through her various roles. She is extremely talented, making large impacts within organizations she works for and beyond. Dr. Pressley cares about her employees and co-workers beyond the workplace but also for their personal wellbeing.

Shekeria Barnes
Founding Principal | Leadership Coach| Presenter | Strategic Planner and Project Manager

Dr. Pressley is a champion for social justice and a voice in this work of changing mindsets. She is resourceful and keenly aware of the pressing needs to provide equal access to a quality education for all students. 

Lindsey Faraone 
Assistant Principal at Durham Public Schools

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Heather Pressley at the beginning of my career as a teacher. She mentored me and was an immensely helpful resource for me. She observed my classroom regularly giving detailed feedback. She created meaningful relationships with students, teachers, and families. Dr. Pressley has helped shape me into the leader that I am today and has motivated and supported me throughout my career.

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