Consulting Services

All our relationships with our clients begin with a complimentary session where we learn more about you, your goals and your needs and you learn about how we work. From there, we present you with our specialized recommendations based on you!
Below is a sample of some of our services generalized.

Strength Finder

Here we help students better understand their strengths, areas for growth and how small goals lead to the bigger goals they seek to achieve. 

Personal Writing

How to stand apart from others in your application through personal writing/essay. 

College Selection

What is the best college for you? Looking at size, location, finances, interest, academics and timelines. Beginning and narrowing down the search.

Resume and Recommendations

What are colleges looking for in a well rounded student? How can you best represent yourself through your experiences as well as recommendations from others?

The Application Process

Establishing a database with deadlines for applications, key milestones and doable timelines. This can include scholarships and grants. 

Test Preparation and Tricks

What is the role of standardized tests in applications? How to "best beat the test" and when to use scores and when not. 


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