5 Reasons We Are 100% Virtual

1- Quality- Our virtual model allows us to hire the best collaborators from all over the country. We are not limited by a location or building. This gives our clients a wide range of expertise not possible by in a traditional brick and mortar model.

2- Convenience- There’s driving, no pick up, drop off, coordinating schedules to get here and there. Log in from anywhere for sessions: from home, school, the office, the vacation house. We are more accessible to you using this model and options for sessions more flexible than traditional office hours.

3- Collaboration— We do not work in isolation with our clients. We often meet with school personnel or bring in more than one collaborator or introduce internship opportunities. With our model we can efficiently connect people rather than coordinating in-person schedules and spaces creating better communication and results.

4- Relationships- With our flexible, virtual model we can stay with your family and student over time no matter if you move or change schools and even through the first year of college.

5- Reach- We believe so strongly in our mission to use our expertise in collaborating with families to provide customized services so that all children get what they need and want to thrive in school and life that we want to reach everyone who wants us.

Our model allows us to serve families and students- anywhere!

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